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by Christopher Lane

On average, they simulate twice the warming observed over the relevant period

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A network of doctors has been trained to undertake these consultations.

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Equity investors in the first phase of the Hudson Yardsinclude JPMorgan Asset Management and the KuwaitInvestment Authority, a sovereign wealth fund

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The aircraft will fly on Asian routes and boasts the first ladies-only toilet on an airliner.

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As can be expected, the most relevant tweets are curt and to-the-point.

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Herbalife denies running a pyramid scheme wheremembers make more money by bringing in new members than sellingthe actual product.

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Congress in 2012 prevented FAA from regulating recreational drones, which are believed to be involved in many rogue flights.

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Streaming currently accounts for less than 1 percent of thisyear's harvest in the world's biggest canola producer

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Under her tenure, for example, the IMF for the first time used its cash to buy debt relief for member states in crises

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and it looks like it's been held up to me

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